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SoftShell duck decoys are quick and easy to put out

How long does it normally take you to put out your decoys when you hunt? I know what it’s like to unload a trailer load of full body waterfowl decoys, it’s a pain in the butt! This past weekend, I thought about how great it was to put out my SoftShell Decoys because it was so quick. It took me just as long to put out 15 floaters next to my 4 dozen SoftShells

You can quickly put out 4 dozen mallards in about 5 minutes, or about the same time it takes for your partner to put the Mojo together. All you need to do is grab 10-20 decoys at a time from your SoftShell Decoy carrier and hold them by the stakes. Doing it this way is a real time saver because you don’t need to walk back to the trailer/truck/4-wheeler to keep grabbing a couple of decoys.

Grab 10-20 decoys at a time

To hunt with SoftShell Decoys you pull the decoy cover over the top of the support rib (backbone) to give the decoy its unique shape.  Pull a decoy out of your bundle and grab the middle of the support rib, like in the picture below.Pull the cover over the decoy. It should easily slide over, not too tight.

Hold the decoy by the backbone and grab the cover.

Pull the cover over the decoy, now it's ready to put into the ground

Adjust the head how you would like (preener, looking left or right, or forward), grab the stake and shove them into the ground. Done, time to hunt.

Do the reverse when you’re done hunting, pull the decoys out of the ground by grabbing the middle of the body (not the head) and fold them flat by pulling the cover back over as you go along. You can easily pick up a couple dozen at a time. That’s it, pick up is as quick as putting them out. And, the decoys are ready for storage because you’ve been smart enough to pull the cover back over as you picked them up!

Both putting out and picking up a spread of SoftShell Decoys is very quick and easy. The more you do it, the quicker it will go. I like to put my decoys into their carriers in offsetting bundles of 10, which helps me in both deployment and storage. Good luck and good hunting!


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