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Waterfowl decoy trends: Lightweight and compact

How do you store your duck and goose decoys? And what does it take for you to get them to where you’re hunting? If you’re anything like me, I like a lot of ‘em. With full body ducks and geese, plus floaters, my decoy shed at home simply isn’t big enough any more. My hunting partners and I also have a large cargo trailer full of decoys for our duck and goose hunting. It has always amazed me we can get as many full body goose decoys in that trailer as we do. It definitely takes some creative stacking for us to get all of them in- it’s all about closing the doors at the right time! The facts are these: full body duck and goose decoys require both a lot of storage space and trailer space to hunt with.

Storage profile of the SoftShell mallards

These new SoftShell Decoys we’ve developed help to solve some of your space issues with decoy storage and travel. I realize I’m tooting my own horn here, but they are really nice to store and travel with. They break down into a thin packable profile, as you can see in this picture. You can pack 50 of our duck decoys into a bag that measures 20”x20”x10”. How many full body duck decoys can you get into that space? Answer: Not many! Our 50-pack is smaller than the commonly used 6-slot bag used to carry just 6 full body duck decoys. I know full body decoys have their place out there in the waterfowl hunting world, but there are alternatives to look at for your field decoys!

We do everything we can to get 125 full body goose decoys, 100 mallard shells, blinds, and assorted gear into our trailer for our hunts. The SoftShell goose carrier pictured below has 100 snow goose decoys in it. The bag is 24”x20”x16” in size, a far cry from the trailer space needed for full body goose decoys.

100 snow goose decoys in one bag

Going lightweight and compact has advantages. You can pack enough snow goose decoys in the back of your truck (without a cargo trailer) to make up a respectable spread. If you like using trailers, check out the new smaller trailers on the market today, like the Space Trailers my old friends the Olson’s have come out with in Minnesota. They are perfect for this set up, a small lightweight option that’s really easy and economical to tow. Plus, it’s just plain easier to move both the decoys and trailer around (yes, I am feeling a little older these days!).  The way we waterfowl hunt is changing all the time, and I think compact and lightweight decoys are one of the trends becoming more popular all the time. What do you think?


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