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Snow Goose Hunting with SoftShell Decoys

Over the past few months I have come to the realization that I’m not a very good photographer/videographer. It’s more difficult than I imagined, mainly because I don’t take the time to set up my shots and locations properly. I have great intentions but as soon as I hear wings ripping the morning sky or the far off call of a goose I am done! My priorities are a little off, so to speak. I like to have a shotgun in my hands instead of a camera- but I’m learning.

The following video is my initial attempt at putting together a promotional video for SoftShell Decoys. The first part of the video is a snow goose hunt filmed in a pea field with my dad Dave, brother Dan and friend/local farmer Doug. We used just 350 SoftShell snow goose decoys for the hunt. The wind was howling, steady 30-35 mph with gusts up to 45-50 mph!  It was a great hunt, the video doesn’t really do it justice. I tried to set up the camera behind the shooters on a tripod but the wind kept tipping it over. Most of the shots the guys took started at 15-20 yards, and with the high winds the birds would flare and rocket out of the spread in seconds- it was great fun to watch.

I think the next thing I need to do is sink some money into a decent camera, like the Sony my friend Jeremy suggested. Any other suggestions on camera/video gear would be appreciated! Thanks for watching and all the support I’ve already had for SoftShell Decoys.


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