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White on!

Wile E. Coyote with a collared Ross's Goose

The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Status of Waterfowl, 2011 report is out. As reported earlier, the overall duck population numbers look great for the upcoming waterfowl season. The different geese population numbers are included in this report, too. Hunting season recommendation also take this report into consideration.

The highlight of the survey for waterfowl hunters, and particularly goose hunters, has to be the increase in the mid-continent light goose population.  From the report,  “During the 2011 MWS, biologists counted 3,175,200 light geese, 19% more than in 2010. ” If I am reading this correctly, the following graph indicates that this population is at an all time high. If you follow the link to the report, you will see the distribution of the mid-continent population and the flyways they use.

It looks like it should be a great season to chase white geese, especially in the central and Mississippi flyways.

Season length and limit recommendations have been made by the USFWS  as well, and we should know soon when the hunting seasons start in each state. The report shows overall population statistics for ducks and geese fall into the liberal limit and season length categories, great news for us- not so much for our wives. The 2011-12 waterfowl season is really shaping up nicely,  now if we can only get the weather and birds to cooperate!


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